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Google Cloud Security Podcast: EP178 Meet Brandon Wood: The Human Side of Threat Intelligence: From Bad IP to Trafficking Busts

Updated: Jun 25

The Cloud Security Podcast from Google is a weekly news and interview show with insights from the cloud security community.

Topics covered:

  • Threat intelligence is one of those terms that means different things to everyone–can you tell us what this term has meant in the different contexts of your career?  What do you tell people who assume that “TI = lists of bad IPs”?

  • We heard while prepping for this show that you were involved in breaking up a human trafficking ring: tell us about that!

  • In Anton’s experience, a lot  of cyber TI is stuck in “1. Get more TI 2. ??? 3. Profit!” How do you move past that?

  • One aspect of threat intelligence that’s always struck me as goofy is the idea that we can “monitor the dark web” and provide something useful. Can you change my mind on this one?

  • You told us your story of getting into sales, you recently did a successful rotation into the role of Product Manager,, can you tell us about what motivated you to do this and what the experience was like?

  • Are there other parts of your background that inform the work you’re doing and how you see yourself at Google? 

  • How does that impact our go to market for threat intelligence, and what’re we up to when it comes to keeping the Internet and broader world safe?


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